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Pharmedic was established in 1982 under the able leadership of Iftikhar A. Sheikh, company’s founder and also the current Chief Executive. The evolution of Pharmedic is a Saga of hard work,  dedication and commitment to serve humanity with quality drugs at affordable price. A small building in Lahore was the initial plant of the company. Here, the founder driven by enthusiasm and pioneer spirit started production of tablets using knowledge and experience in the field of analgesics to produce high quality products with excellent pain relieving abilities.

Shahi Qilla (Mughal Royal fort) as seen from the footsteps of the Badshahi Mosque.

K-2, the Savage Mountain (Nickname)Height: Peak elevation from sea level 28’251 ft. (8611 m.)

Health and Care Go Toghter

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Shai Qila Lahore

PERGINASE injection
Each vial contains: Asparaginase 10,000i.u in sterile powder form

HEPAFERON injection
Each vial contains: Interferon alfa -2a 3MIU/mL
Pack: Pack of 6 vials

Each tablet contans:
Allopurinol 300mg

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